A bespoke pattern based on Bethan’s love for Italian ‘Terrazzo‘.

Bethan’s time living in Venice had a lasting effect on her, whilst partaking in a residency in 2010  set inside a beautiful Venetian Palazzo ,

Bethan fell head over heels with the Tarrazzo that covered every inch of the space , captivated by the multiple types of patternation, Bethan has been drawn to make work influenced by this ever since.

In honor of being invited to design a covering of the icon SUPERONDA sofa by Poltronova, Bethan decided to create a super fake terrazzo who’s precious stones could have been mined from the psychedelic landscape that the SUPERONDA creates.

The Superonda, an iconic piece by Archizoom that in 1967 affirmed its autonomy from the formal tradition of the sofa, maximum freedom of use, and released the furnishing product from the architecture that contained it, here becomes, thanks to the pattern of Bethan LauraWood, visionary English designer, aTerrace on the Sea. Bethan Wood’s experience in a Venetian palazzo, during an artists’ residency in 2010, is translated into a kaleidoscopic pattern, with many coloured “gems” to support the lightness of the wave.As in 1967, when the radical Florentine group Archizoom designed one of the first sofas without a shell,the same need emerges to dematerialise reality in order to recompose it according to personal sensitivity, conferring meanings on it that are not universal, but are important for those who have known them at a precise moment in their lives.

Bethan fell madly in love with the Terrazzo that covered every inch of the space at her disposal, and fascinated by the many types of decoration, she has proposed them again in her works. The precious stones are thus released from the terrace, from the landscape imprinted in the eye, to set themselves in the sofa and give another original idea of relaxation and an unforgettable experience of their own.

Images by Serena Eller
Superonda Sofa by Archizoom for Poltronova