The bed has a special meaning. It is the place of intimacy. It is the place of joy, a shelter to relax, an asylum and a sanctuary. The bed represents one of the few places where you feel protected, on your own, free. Even when it is made just for you, there is always enough space for two. In bed you dream, you make love, you are naked, you loosen up, closing the door to the world outside.

Philippe Malouin and Bethan wanted to give each other such a special object, a basic and elementary one usually present in any house, whether the simplest hut or a luxurious palace. In bed, we are all the same: all social infrastructures are levelled, all reveries are allowed. It is the place where you can just be yourself. Within such a typology, cosiness and comfort need to be a priority. In the same way, sheets are the closest items to your face, they cuddle your body – and eventually your mind – when we are in the REM phase, meaning when we are completely vulnerable and undefended. The night might be also a very animated and eventful time, but whatever it is like, it is usually a scenario directly belonging to and managed by the will of the bed owner.

In these terms, the beds that these two designers decided to conceive for each  their demand a distinctive and profound knowledge and mutual tenderness, showing a unique relationship and a deep bond.

Stained and polished natural beech bed frame manufactured by Turn-a-Round
Silk bedding printed by 4Spaces

Designed for the ‘Friends+Design’ exhibition at Dresden State Art Collections, 2016