HyperNature – Commissioned by the famous Champagne house, Perrier-Jouët, Bethan blurs the boundaries between art and design, creating a piece that encourages interaction both physically and intellectually, stimulating a dialogue between user, object and the world of Champagne.

To inform her aesthetic, Bethan took inspiration from Maison Perrier-Jouët’s connection to Art Nouveau, referencing both the stained glass windows of the house, and the exquisite colour, ombré, in the work of Émile Gallé, who also designed the iconic logo on the Perrier-Jouët bottle. The curves and bends of the tree honour the Art Nouveau “whip”, while the colours of the aluminium produced with specialists Neal Feay nod to both bright colours in nature and the subtle tonal hues across the variations of Champagne created by Perrier-Jouët.
Drawn by the way Art Nouveau was in part a reaction to the Industrial Revolution, Bethan chooses to elevate industrial and lowly materials, such as PVC, away from their “throw away” context. By delicately dying and working the material by hand, Bethan transforms it into an artisan object; her respectful treatment ultimately revealing a new beauty.


Anodized Aluminum made in collaboration with Neal Feay

Hand Dyed PVC & plastic pop rivets


Images by – Angus Mills, Matt Anderson and Global-studio