MAISON PERRIER-JOUËT  – Artisan of the wild  2018-2019

Bethan Laura Wood as part of Maison Perrier-Jouët Artisan of the Wild programme, was commissioned to create a set of four installations over a cause of a year. Blurring the boundaries between the ‘natural and the Man made environment, she interpreted over 200 years of the House’s heritage, as well as Art of the Wild: the universe as seen by Maison Perrier-Jouët to re-enchant the everyday with the presence of vibrant, unbridled nature.  During each event Bethan explored a different element of the HyperNature sculpture from the landscapes it inhabits to the flowers on its branches.

Perrier-Jouët and Masterpiece – HyperNature herbarium

To mark the fourth year of partnership between Maison Perrier-Jouët and Masterpiece, Bethan Laura Wood has transformed the terrace into a HyperNature herbarium. For this, she took inspiration from the physical location of Masterpiece being in close proximity to the oldest Botanical gardens in London.  Connecting this to a specific part of Maison Perrier Jouët History, Bethan traced the tradition and savoir-faire of the House back to the founding family’s passion for botany and the admired 19th-century greenhouses tended to by Charles Perrier. Iridescent frames encase multicoloured blooms of wisteria, giving the effect of an inventory of rare specimens in a herbarium.

These modular flower presses combine to create a reinvented greenhouses which, when the sun beams through, reveal the same colourful shadows created by the Art Nouveau stained glass found at the historic family home in Champagne. The wisteria motif continues to the bar, where the hand-dyed PVC petals of the HyperNature sculpture also present in the terrace are photographed by Angus Mills to be presented as a carefully constructed catalogue of the each colourway of wisteria specially designed in response to the colourways found in Émile Gallé’s (the designer of the iconic artwork on the Perrier Jouet bottle ) beautiful Art Nouveau glass work. .

With every detail, Bethan Laura Wood has infused the terrace with Maison Perrier-Jouët’s enduring bond with art and nature to immerse guests in the extravagance of Art of the Wild.

Bethan Laura Wood and Maison Perrier-Jouët would like to thank Moroso for the use of many items of furniture, including those featuring Bethan Laura Wood’s fabric designs, and CC-Tapis for the use of Bethan Laura Wood’s ‘Super Fake’ rugs.


other events curated as part of the Artisan of the Wild program were


HyperNature  Landscape – Design Miami Collector Lounge presented during winter of 2018

The Art of the Wild universe first comes to life with a transformation of the Design Miami Collector Lounge during the winter of 2018. HyperNature – landscape is Bethan Laura Wood’s  vision of the environment where HyperNature nature grows in the wild . The walls and partitions of the lounge were transformed into colourful mountain paravents, instead of creating a barrier that blocked everyone but the selected few allowed in from seeing and enjoying the space , the paravents created unique viewpoints to frame the tree from both outside and inside the lounge. Those who could enter the lounge could have a more private experience, laying on the vibrant day beds and cushions Bethan had designed as part of Mono Mania Mexico collection launched for Moroso.


The HyperNature Spring Ball  – Presented during Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019.

The Spring ball encourages interaction by inviting the viewer to an immersive visual and sound experience.  HyperNature is presented in the lavish neoclassical Palazzo Clerici adorned with frescoes & 17th century tapestries , Like the bell of the ball, Hypernature rotates upon a specially made platform in the center of the spot lit room , allowing her coloured candy shadows , to hypnotically dance around  filling the room with a magical atmosphere in which to enjoy a glass of Champagne. During the intense experiences of the Milan furniture fair , this installation offers a more quite and reflective environment to take a moment to pause. However on one special day during the design week when the clock strikes aperitivo time , a special performance from cult Milanese trumpet player joins Hypernature in her dance and invites people to pluck the champagne glasses for her party spirals like ripe fruits from the tree.


The HyperNature Harvest -Bespoke dinner during Frieze design week at the ICA london during Autumn 2019

A Harvest celebration rounds off the series of events designed by Bethan, in the form of an intimate dinner hosted at the ICA Nash room during Frieze. Bethan celebrates the bountiful harvest of the fruits of creativity sewn by creative interdisciplinary collaboration. Guests are invited to literally consume the world of HyperNature within the psychedelic setting filled with collaborations between Bethan and her fellow creatives.