Wisteria  Chandelier

A continuation of the HyperNature language originally developed for Perrier-Jouët.

This magical chandelier is fitted with both small ‘flower lights’ that create colour shadow play with the wisteria petals and a central beam for when more directional light is required. The chandelier is a continuation of the language developed for HyperNature, a sculptural tree commissioned by Champagne house Perrier-Jouët to celebrate the houses history and connection to Nature.

The stained glass-like ombre of the petals are inspired by the Art Nouveau glass work of Emile Gallé, each is individually hand dyed in Bethan’s studio to build up a complex and unique ‘blossom’ for each chandelier.  For the body, hand bent aluminium branches gentle curve around the central statin steel core, a bespoke palette composed with anodizing specialist, Neal Feay compliments the tones of the wisteria and create a strong colour punch for a dynamic focus point for any room. The colours grow in vibrancy, as the day becomes night, creating a perfect atmosphere for an intimate evening.


Anodized aluminum, hand-dyed PVC, brass, electrical cables and LED.

images by Emanuele Tortora.