12 international female artists were invited to express their vision of the iconic  Miss Dior Perfume Bottle.

Bethan wanted to draw on Dior’s strength in the silhouette in combination with the softer traditional of floral femininity connected to the perfume.

Taking reference from the bottle’s, silver embellishments and  houndstooth pattern , Bethan decided to create a folly, who’s structure is made from curvaceous arches of brushed steel that a nod to the architectural form of the fashion houses iconic ‘new look ‘ and which cradles the Miss Dior bottle at its centre.

This figure-sized folly has been decorated with cascades of glass flowers highlighting the perfume’s floral notes and using the colour tones found in the different versions of Miss Dior perfume created over the years, from zesty yellow green to honey yellow and sugar pink. It also references the manly floral covered gowns that have been worn by the ‘Miss Dior’ over the years.

The Folly combines the visual codes of Miss Dior with Bethan’s signature flowers, which  have been developed over several years working with the talented glass artisan Pietro Viero.

The design relates to the strength of women combined with delicacy, represented in the lightness of the perforated Houndtooth pattern form that stands tall as an independent structure, supporting growth and life.

The sculpture celebrates femininity as a power, not a weakness, that can be embraced to drive exciting creative work.

The work was first show as part of the Miss Dior – 12 Women Artists exhibition at Le Château de la Colle Noire 

Hand-blown Pyrex glass;
made in collaboration with the artisan, Pietro Viero
Stainless brushed steel , Brass, powder coated steel & fittings

Production overseen by Astronauts Greece

Images by Giorgos Nalbadis