Bon Bon Chandelier

Bon Bon is developed with specialist Pyrex artisan, Pietro Viero, mixing milky and transparent glass to create this sickly-sweet confection of flowers. The individual Bon Bon blooms are shaped referencing the bubbly curves of bonbon jars and dishes and reflect the pastel milky glass.

Each flower is mounted to an individual stem of either brushed steel or brass and grouped together to create delicate bunches of blooms, which may be wall-mounted or hung as a chandelier.

Developed during the pandemic lockdown, when touches of nature in the home became a special treat, Bon Bon references western style arrangements of flowers used to bring nature and colour into the home.


Hand-blown Pyrex glass;

made in collaboration with the artisan, Pietro Viero

Brass, brushed steel,

electrical components

Crown-mirrored bulbs