“A continuation of the family which includes Trellis Arches and Trellis wheel designed for Nilufar Gallery in 2017.”

Trellis is a lighting collection that underlines the conversation between the metal armatures, that are normally completely covered in traditional chandeliers, and the glass elements attached onto them.

Trellis Column is a graphic and architectural composition with explosions of sugar pop flowers cascading down its levitating rings. Inspired by swimming caps, costume jewellery and garden trellises, each flower is hand blown in Pyrex by the artisan Pietro Viero. Mixing ribbed, swirled, milky and translucent coloured petals to make its individual flowers, each fixed by hand onto the trellis framework, to form unique clusters and colour combinations.



Hand-blown Pyrex glass made in collaboration with the artisan, Pietro Viero

Punched and powder coated sheet steel


Tension cables & fittings

Electrical components

Crown-mirrored bulbs