A collection of bracelets and necklaces designed by Bethan as a companion piece to Particle furniture.
 Particle jewellery started off as a way for Bethan to find a use for the left over pieces from making the furniture of the same namesake, but this quickly grew into a project in its own right. 
Each jewellery piece is a ‘slice’ from a master ‘extrusion’, these ‘extrusions’ are constructed so their method of jointing becomes a integral part of the over all aesthetic of the design, playing of the strong graphical result of Ply construction grains meeting each other at a sharp angle and the strong flash of black brought by the tough insert. There are two main ‘extrusion’ shapes the hexagon and square, at two sizes, 
the jewellery is made as a strict limited series the number of the edition is controlled by the amount and thickness of slick cut from its ‘master extrusion’ every piece will have its own unique marquetry surface in one of the three colour ways and there corresponding interior.