Reinterpreting her Particle pattern, now exploding with splatters of colour, Bethan has created a new series of cabinets that reflect the strong, graphic nature of urban environments.

Drawing from the temporary structures of the city – scaffolding, awnings and exterior fire exits – Bethan presents various units made from both laminate marquetry and powder coated steel that combine to create miniature buildings, high-rises and landscapes, to contain and display objects in the home.

Particle is an extension of Bethan’s Super Fake series, a continued exploration into laminates which for Bethan remain ‘the chameleon of the surface world’, this time sourcing a wide range of faux wood-laminate variations, kindly donated by Abet Laminati.
 Bethan has re-appropriating the wood laminates to create a pattern inspired by particleboard (OSB Board), a material that is often considered low quality and mundane, transforming it into a surface pattern that is ‘original’ and eye-catching.
 The pattern has been developed so as to facilitate the use of various sized off-cuts and samples. The laminate is interwoven, much like a patchwork, a jigsaw, or more traditional marquetry surfaces.

Designed for Nilufar Gallery
Sponsored by Abet Laminati