A collection of inter-stacking tables that explore the balance between elegance and play, with the method of construction and the skills of talented craftsmen forming a vital role in the overall aesthetic.

Sugar-coated kaleidoscopic hexagons stack, one on top of the other, to support a laminate super highway, a ‘Spaghetti Junction’ of pattern and texture, metamorphosing from one to another.

Play Time is inspired by an antique Austrian bench (1905) in the Nilufar Gallery collection. Bethan wanted to explore the balance, between elegance and play within a design.

The focus of the table centers jointly on the tapering hexagonal legs, which use their method of construction as a key detail in the aesthetics. With jet black ‘tongues’, varying coloured laminates, and ply cut that meet at a angle, forming a strong graphic element. Alongside the table top, patterns employing the proportions of the off-cuts from making the legs; these create a fan, or sun burst, which reaches out to cradle each leg. Each patterned top a mix of Elizabethan collars, Aztec peacocks, Dalston nail bars, Pierrot clowns and sugar coated Deco architecture, metamorphoses from one to another.

Laminated ply, coloured MDF and powder coated steel
Made in collaboration with Abet Laminati
Limited edition of 16 + 4 AP