Bethan has collected ‘public patterns’ since the beginning of her career, by walking and exploring she is continually learning from the environment around her. This physical absorption allows her to build an archive of colours and textures from the urban cityscape. She combines these shapes and colours into the starting point for many of her contemporary works.

Bethan‘s trips to Mexico were her first taste of Latin America‘s hot palette of colour and pattern; that sensory experience distilled into an obsession with the stained-glass windows of the New Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City. As a conduit for exploring this new palette, Bethan’s interpretation of this amazing building has led to a series of works that subtly reference the craft of embroidery from traditional Otomi textiles.

For this presentation, in Moroso’s showroom, Bethan has shared her personal obsessions with the skilled team from Limonta, using a variety of textile processes and applications to explore the crossover between hand-craft and mass-production.

Her new textiles will be applied to a taster of her future furniture collection with Moroso with triple leg detail in reference to the amazing Aztec deco movement. New hot colored Vases by Bitossi decorate the space with tropical foliage, and Carpets woven with Cactus and recycled saris decorate the walls.