When thinking about the Chaise A, Bethan really wanted to celebrate its femininity. For Bethan, it’s the use of the industrial material and moulding, partnered with a delicate inline and form that creates a chair which marries the industrial with the domestic.

The chair was inspired by two ICONIC women:

The maschinenmensch Maria in Metropolis – a film from the same period as the Chair A – demonstrates the powerful allure that can be created when these two apparent opposites are mixed, feminine form and the power of the industrial.

Elizabeth I, another major iconic woman from history. For Bethan, the shaping of the back of the chair has a strong connection to the bodices of the sixteenth century and she wanted to explore how the power of dressing can be used to create the atmosphere of power, strength and security

Commissioned  Sonnet – By Orlando Weeks

La Grande Dame

Each a perfect stranger but for each a perfect partner

Stacked chairs like Virgin Queen can’t get no satisfaction

So long live the short gammed darb, now and ever after

And bray at her hardboiled and uncankering perfection

Give me all four, for I am a leg man after all

Leather clad with spivy rivet and cabbies bead recline

Tis bliss to sit with you a while and simply pass the time

I take great comfort in the knowing that your back has mine

With your build that bears the masses and yet can bear butt one

Punch pressed and laser cut at best au natural

Birthday girl in Bethan frock no wonder you’re up done

Half hundred colours upon you all sit well

For makers can afford to rest on hard laurels when

the future has come early and is sitting amongst them.


Laser-cut pressed steel, copper rivets & leather