The latest artist addition to The Wrong Shop, Bethan Laura Wood’s ‘Crestata’ print series brings
a new medium to our range. Wood’s fascination with bold colours and unique materials
characterises this work. Inspired by a love of houseplants, she depicts small crestata
succulents. During lockdown, Wood took to drawing her collection of crestata. The captivating
shapes and movement transformed into colourful ink drawings. Now, they are produced as
exclusive, limited edition prints that conjure magical living calligraphy.
The intimacy of everyday life and the passing of time all play into these works, along with
influences from Japanese woodcuts and the illustrations of British Aestheticist Aubrey
Beardsley. Working mainly with warm hues, Bethan achieves a sensory quality through the
method of lino printing and the texture is enhanced by the use of delicate Japanese Takeo Tela
paper. Every plant grows in fascinating loops and knots creating its own twists and turns. An
unpredictable and truly beautiful artwork for her first limited edition print release.