A new collection inspired and developed from Bethan’s ink drawings, made in confinement during lockdown.
Bethan decided to take the opportunity to draw every couple of days, sketching her Euphorbia Sipolisii f. Crestata succulents, fascinated by their curls.
Every plant has a unique growing habit, creating wildly different formations like living calligraphy.

Bethan fell in love with their forms, studying them as they grow, rotating them each time to get a different point of view.
The meditative act of observation and drawing became a cathartic exercise during the strange and peculiar times that was lockdown.

Working with cc-tapis, they developed a delicate triptych and a large single rug, made entirely in Himalayan wool.
cc-tapis artisans interpreted the original drawings of Bethan with black wool whilst the natural tones of the undyed pile gently and delicately cover the design, purposefully knotted with a longer yarn.
A contrast which respects and echos the marks of the ink pen Bethan used.