Avocado Dreams is a psychedelic bathroom collection designed for Kaldewei, featuring a swirling enamelled pattern applied on classic products from the company’s catalogue, such as the freestanding Meisterstück Oyo Duo bathtub, the Superplan Zero shower surface and the Miena washbasin bowl.

The mesmerizing pattern comes in three colour variations: ‘Avocado Swirl’, defined by soft green tones, ‘Avocado Sea’, with blue and purple hues, and the vibrant ‘Avocado Disco’, in contrasting hues that elevate the graphic composition.

The selection of colours is a nod to 1970s avocado bathrooms, incorporating this distinctive tone as one of the accents for all the three colourways. The combination of the avocado shade with a diverse range of colour tones ensures movement both in the patterns design and the colour dominants within various environments. The intention is for the hue to adapt to different tastes, interior styles and bathroom designs, mixed with bolder colours to bring out the full avocado effect, or combined with softer neutrals for a calmer visual effect.

The collection is as much about colour as it is about pattern, with the swirling composition forming a conversation with the objects’ shapes, gracefully flowing around the curves of the bath. This movement draws inspiration from the delicate fabric of a silk dressing gown draped over the body after a relaxing bath, conjuring the essence of a luxurious bathing experience – a space for relaxation and dreams.

Image courtesy of Kaldewei.