Made in collaboration with Venetian mirror specialists, Barbini, Bethan explores the world of Venetian mirrors, fascinated as she is with the beauty of handmade swirls and curls, and the optical cutting that may create marks like stylised droplets of juice or the pip of a exotic fruit. With this project, Bethan continues her passion for fake food and the blurred line between the natural patterns and colours found in fruit and vegetables with the artifice of stylised food imagery and presentation.

Bethan combines modern cutting techniques alongside traditional hand-formed details to show how this ancient tradition may reflect changing times in contemporary crafts.

With this collection, Bethan adds an Olive, Gherkin and Aubergine slice to the Aperitivo, being served in the Ornate boudoir.



Mirrored glass , metal and lacquered wood

Images by:

Emanuele Tortora